Project Pitchfork – Look Up, I’m Down There

Look Up, I’m Down There can be seen as the 25th anniversary of this pioneering act and the 17th album to date. Peter Spilles takes makes this album into a tale of mankind’s history, from war and loss to the exploitation of nature. The standard release consists of a 28 page booklet and 6 panel digipak. The Limited Edition includes an 80 page stylish hardcover book containing two CDs: the album itself and an exclusive song and five remix version released on October 28th.


Deine Lakaien – XXX The 30 Year Retrospective

Deine Lakaien pride themselves on being fearlessly experimental and always within their own scene. With XXX The 30 Year Retrospective released this week, the band have made musical history ten studio recordings and three decades into the band’s history by making being completely independent. There are not many bands who have that ability. The collector should find this retrospective an important addition to their repertoire.



Assemblage 23 Release New Album “Endure”


Assemblage 23 releases “Endure”, the eight studio album released by Metropolis Records on September 9th. After starting out on a solo project called Man on a Stage and being involved with several projects from punk with the Advocates to the electronic synth-pop of Procession, Assemblage 23 was a natural progression of founder Tom Shear. What was once a hobby gained recognition after self-releasing material called “Wired”. Albums “Contempt” with “Failure” as a follow up gave the band widespread recognition. In 2002, Assemblage 23 released “Defiance” and two years later returned with a fourth album called “Storm”. The album’s “Meta” and “Compass” would follow.