Amphi Festival 2016


This year’s Amphi Festival 2016 was packed with talented scene icons like Covenant, Project Pitchfork, Peter Heppner, Suicide Commando, Dive, with more than 40 bands performing. The dark contingent was in full force with over 12,000 visitors from all over the world. Many dark themed items could be found in the many stalls surrounding the Tanzbrunnen venue.


Solitary Experiments
The Berlin-based electro-outfit has had a strong and steady rise among electro fans over the last twenty years. Having previously played the Amphi-Festival in 2013, they were met with loyal appreciation once again. Timeless gems such as Rise and Fall and Delight could be heard.

Project Pitchfork
Perhaps one of the most prolific bands of the Dark Electro scene is Project Pitchfork. It was nice to see Peter Spilles and the band presenting their classic stage appearance. Among the many songs presented, several were released prior to 2000 such as Requiem, Souls and God Wrote. Sven Friedrich joined the band for a performance of The Dividing Line.

Suicide Commando
Suicide Commando Johan Van Roy, infamous spawner of the hellectro genre, was in full force during the festival and played an impressive set with Bind, Torture, Kill, God is the Rain and Severed Head.

A transformed Covenant played the bill with member Daniel Myer returning once again after his departure in 2013. Under a setting sun and an eager crowd, they started the set off with Bullet and went on to We Want Revolution, Call the Ships to Port, Ritual Noise and Dead Stars. The new single Sound Mirrors was also debuted during their inspiring performance.



Blutengel’s live shows have evolved greatly over the years from thoughtfully designed productions to full stage sets including orchestral accompaniments featuring an array of dancers and performers. Beginning the set with Lucifer and on to favorites like Save Our Souls, Engelsblut and Reich mir die Hand.

Over all the festival was impressive with a large turnout and returned once again to the Tanzbrunnen area after being held at Lanxess Arena the previous year.