Crüxshadows Release New Album Astromythology

The Crüxshadows have given us another gem with the new release of ‘Astromythology’ on Wishfire Records. The opening track ‘Helios’ quintessentially represents a new level of maturity in both sound and production that the band has reached since their 2012 release of ‘As The Dark Against My Halo’. ‘Singularities’ is a heartfelt plea for survival to anyone that may be listening, lest God alone. The catchy ‘Stay’ is a reminder of the upbeat and memorable songs so well known from the band such as Dreamcypher’s ‘Perfect’. ‘Home’ is a suitably unforgettable and emotional ballad, with its beautifully crafted piano melody that with each listen feels like you are hearing it for the first time as is the gentle ‘My Telescope’. If you’ve lost hope and feel like giving up, Rogue reminds you to fight on. Just as sure as the sun rises and sets each day, ‘Stargazer’ assures us with a marching beat that we will continue to survive against the odds. Even still, the angels walk through the tracks on Astromythology as they have since the beginning as in ‘Of Angels’. They are here forever next to you, encouraging you from the shadows. The strength of ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Uncertainty’ showcase the brilliant studio development of producer and sonic mastermind Henning Verlage of Unheilig along with the genius demonstrated by Rogue himself. If you have followed the band on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you may have been lucky to win many of the contests and giveaways which have always been popular with the band. Our protagonists include founding member Rogue, Victoria Witt, Jennifer Jawidzik, David Wood, JoHanna Moresco and Jessica Lackey. With a tour ahead including dates in both Europe and North America, having just completed their 20th anniversary show at DragonCon the path forward has never looked brighter! Who knows what the future holds?

New Terra Industria Blog Format

TerraIndustria is now moving to it’s blog format which will not be too different from the current format due to content level and frequency of posts. The focus will be to place more variety in the content of posts without losing sight of the original goal of TI which has centered around industrial music and its variants.