Depeche Mode – Spirit



Depeche Mode have been there and back again, continuing to bring us world-weary tunes for an anxious listener. To attempt to apply a fascistic element to the music of Depeche Mode is to misunderstand everything about the band. That is what the “alt-right” has done, the popular self-described right-wing element in America these days. What is misunderstood is that Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of the movement best known in the heydays of punk, when the world was their mirror, the ugly side of the state of western civilization, in your face. As for the lyrics of Spirit, they are conveying this message with continued accuracy pronounced on “Going Backwards”. You will find the same level of angst and gloom as you will on any Depeche Mode album and that, perhaps is where ‘Spirit’ shines.