Review: Dive – Underneath

Label: Out of Line

After a long hiatus of more than a decade Dirk Ivens releases Dive: Underneath on Out of Line. This release presents his trademarked electronic minimalist approach and is accomplished in its production. The sounds invite the listener to a dark, rhythmic soundscape, an addictive and catchy experience no less than what you would expect from this artist. On this release Ivens has collaborated with Ivan Iusco, owner of the Minus Habens label as well as Rafael M. Espinosa who teamed up on Behind the Sun.

Review: This Morn’ Omina – Kundalini Rising

Label: Dependent

This Morn’ Omina is the unique project of Mika Goedrijk, who has been producing their own genre of ritual industrial music since 1996. With the goal of conveying a new language to the masses, This Morn’ Omina has succeeded in providing the listener with an adventure both spiritual and musical. With their latest release Kundalini Rising, the band has moved on from their Nyan theme as presented releases such as Les Passages Jumeaux to present something entirely new. The different spiritual themes and concepts presented here are telling a story to the listener, taking them on a journey to enlightenment.

Kundalini, in the concept of Dharma, refers to a primal energy or Shakti as the song title refers which is said to be located at the base of the spine. There exist methods of awakening this kundalini energy to reach spiritual enlightenment. This album invites the listener to such an awakening. The tribal beats presented in the first track Ayahuasca invite the listener to prepare himself or herself for initiation, to take a voyage into the unknown. The first disc reaches a crescendo with Garuda Vimana, which brings to mind visions of the mysterious “vimana” flying structures mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit texts.

The most basic release presents itself in the form of two CDs. The first of which is upbeat and combines ritual industrial and EBM elements. The second disc has more of an atmospheric quality and builds up the subject matter like a sculpted landscape. The effect of this crafts the theme of the song like a story while keeping the listener wanting more. Kundalini Rising allows the listener to attain a musical nirvana, to reach musical enlightenment based on your own spiritual awakening.

Website: This Morn’ Omina

Review: Zynic – Neon Oblivion

Label: Zed’s Dead label

After releasing the hit “Soul for Sale” and the album Fire Walk With Me, H.P. Siemandel has been at the forefront of the synthpop scene. With catchy tunes and a solid production, Zynic has released Neon Oblivion. With a professional approach, the moody tracks and melancholy keep the band moving forward. They do an excellent job at meeting the high expectations put in place for what they have produced thus far. Stefan Netschio of Beborn Beton lends a hand on the track “Would”.

Welle:Erdball – Gaudeamus Igitur

Welle:Erdball’s Gaudeamus Igitur is released on the Oblivion label. Themes like 20,000 leagues under the sea featuring Captain Nemo, commander of the Nautilus and other tales of wonder are featured in this whimsical release. A sticker for the scooter the Vespa 50N Special is included as a bonus. This is a very special release for fans and includes something creative for everyone.

Depeche Mode – Spirit



Depeche Mode have been there and back again, continuing to bring us world-weary tunes for an anxious listener. To attempt to apply a fascistic element to the music of Depeche Mode is to misunderstand everything about the band. That is what the “alt-right” has done, the popular self-described right-wing element in America these days. What is misunderstood is that Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of the movement best known in the heydays of punk, when the world was their mirror, the ugly side of the state of western civilization, in your face. As for the lyrics of Spirit, they are conveying this message with continued accuracy pronounced on “Going Backwards”. You will find the same level of angst and gloom as you will on any Depeche Mode album and that, perhaps is where ‘Spirit’ shines.