Assemblage 23 Release New Album “Endure”


Assemblage 23 releases “Endure”, the eight studio album released by Metropolis Records on September 9th. After starting out on a solo project called Man on a Stage and being involved with several projects from punk with the Advocates to the electronic synth-pop of Procession, Assemblage 23 was a natural progression of founder Tom Shear. What was once a hobby gained recognition after self-releasing material called “Wired”. Albums “Contempt” with “Failure” as a follow up gave the band widespread recognition. In 2002, Assemblage 23 released “Defiance” and two years later returned with a fourth album called “Storm”. The album’s “Meta” and “Compass” would follow.

Covenant – New Single “Sound Mirrors”


Inspiration for Covenant’s new single came from a British pre-World War II project called Sound Mirrors that was designed to aid the defense by amplifying incoming sound from enemy aircraft. Frontman Joakim Montelius could see similarities with the refugee situation in Europe.

Front 242 – 35 Year Anniversary Limited Releases

For the occasion of the re-release of the “No Comment + Politics Of Pressure” album, FRONT 242 also decided to release a deluxe collector box edition of “No Comment”. The vinyl-sized carton box features a military camouflage design with a spotted varnish

Source: Front 242 – No Comment / Politics Of Pressure (Deluxe Anniversary Limited Box – 2xLP + 3xCD)

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Cold Waves Festival

What began as a memorial concert for Chicago musician Jamie Duffy served as the impetus for a two day festival at the well known Metro venue. This year’s line up features classic industrial musicians as well as newer bands. The Cocks (Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly and Paul Barker) will play the entire album of RevCo’s “Big Sexy Land” live to commemorate its 30 year anniversary. Clock DVA, who have not been in the states since 1993, have returned with a new album and <PIG> featuring En Esch, Raymond Watts and Guenter Schultz. Marc Heal will return to the US with Phil Barry and Julian Beeston as Cubanate. 16Volt, Vampyre Anvil, Bloody Knives, the debut of The Black Queen, Chant, Polyfuse, Hide and Dead When I Found Her are on the bill.

Cold Waves Festival, September 23 & 24th, 2016 Metro, Chicago